Bumpa integrates Meta to hasten Instagram sales for business owners – Benjamindada.com

Bumpa has announced its integration with Meta to make selling on Instagram faster for business owners.
Bumpa has announced its integration with Meta: the parent company for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in a bid to boost social commerce for business owners on its platform.
Founded by Kelvin Umechukwu and Adetunji Opayele, Bumpa was launched in February 2021 and has been making giant strides in the African e-commerce sector since then.
In September 2021, the startup raised a $200,000 pre-seed to build the Shopify of Africa; Bumpa was also selected for the Google Black Founders Fund in 2021 —where they received backing and tools from Google to reach more business owners across the internet
With the aim to reach over one million business owners across Africa who are using Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to sell their products, Bumpa has integrated Meta on their platform to make selling on Instagram and Facebook easier for business owners using the Bumpa app.
Bumpa noted that a survey of their users showed that over 40% of the total sales recorded on the Bumpa app come from Instagram and WhatsApp alone. Also, Data from Instagram also shows that there are over  10 million Instagram users in Nigeria. With 70% of those users looking at Instagram to make their next purchase, this integration is poised to make a huge impact on social commerce in Nigeria.
Adding this integration with the pre-existing features of the Bumpa app helps business owners create business websites, display and sell products, issue invoices & receipts, record sales, receive business financial reports, and send bulk SMS and payment requests to customers amongst other things. It is estimated that this integration will reduce the Instagram DMs response time by half and make selling on Instagram 5x faster. The integration is available to business owners in Nigeria.