Instagram 'Glimpse' stories could take on BeReal: How it will work – The Indian Express

Meta’s Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature to take on growing social media platform BeReal. In the latest update, reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has suggested that this implementation will be called ‘Instagram Glimpse’. With Instagram Glimpse, users will be able to share on their story a picture that captures whatever is in front of the front and rear cameras at the same time, with the intent of showing what you’ve been up to lately.
Similar to BeReal, users must share a ‘glimpse’ to check out ‘glimpses’ from other users in their circle.
A Glimpse story can be shared to followers or followers you follow back 👇🏻
— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) November 8, 2022
The feature was initially set to be called ‘Candid Challenges’ when it was supposed to incorporate the challenge aspect of BeReal as well, when you’d be asked to take the front+rear camera picture at any time of the day, at which point users would have a fixed amount to time to quickly take a picture.
The point of this was to show users’ real life activities instead of just the good stuff people usually share on Instagram. However, with Instagram Glimpses, this challenge element seems to be missing, and it seems users will be able to post a glimpse as and when they want.
The feature may also support more than one glimpse per day, something you cannot do on BeReal. However, this is yet to be confirmed.
Instagram is yet to officially announce the feature, but the screenshots above suggest that it may not be too long before we see glimpses in action. More official details are expected to be available then.
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