Instagram Is Loving Gordon Ramsay's 8-Minute Chicken Mojo – Mashed

Considering Gordon Ramsay has several top-notch restaurants under his name and was one of only two chefs with the most number of Michelin stars in 2008, you might think that Ramsay’s recipes may be too fancy for the average Joe to replicate (via Fine Dining Lovers). In September 2019 however, Ramsay launched a show on his YouTube channel that proved otherwise.
The show titled “Ramsay in 10,” which has since been turned into a cookbook, allows the star chef to inspire his fans to cook simple, flavorsome food in as little as 10 minutes. The concept took off further when quarantine cooking was at its peak during the subsequent pandemic. While the show took a brief hiatus in the middle, Ramsay has since been back with all sorts of recipes like a Cheesy Green Pasta, Pork Tenderloin, and a Teriyaki Duck, all of which he prepares in under 10 minutes.
One recipe shared by the “Kitchen Nightmares” host is “healthy and quick,” being cooked in as little as eight minutes, and this Chicken Mojo Bowl looks quite tasty, too.

Ramsay’s Chicken Mojo Bowl recipe, as shared on YouTube, details the chef placing steamed chicken tenders covered in a mojo sauce on a bed of greens, quinoa, and shredded carrots. The entire dish is generously drizzled with more mojo sauce. While the dish was supposed to be cooked in under 10 minutes — a challenge in itself — Ramsay manages to breeze through it in eight. The quick, simple, and delish dish has Instagram raining hearts and praising Ramsay for the chicken recipe that they can’t wait to try. 
Fans on YouTube are also loving the eight-minute “Ramsay in 10” recipe, with 400 comments so far including “Gordon Ramsay food is like a work of art. It’s nice to see food, that’s pure, and not saturated with grossly seasonings on top of seasonings” and “Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints!” 
And while most followers and fans are loving this spicy chicken recipe, there are some skeptics stating they don’t believe this dish can be made in eight minutes, posting comments to Instagram such as “It wasnt 8 min dont lie.” To that claim, we say it’s worth a shot to find out.