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If you’ve seen your friends on Instagram share one too many throwback snaps of themselves, maybe it isn’t because they are visiting certain memories, it could simply be the result of the new trend “old picture of you or two years of bad luck.”
Social media platforms are notorious for trending challenges that sometimes make no sense whatsoever.
The latest one claims you will be intruded on by bad luck for two years if you don’t share an old picture of yourself and people aren’t buying it.
As the name of the trend suggests, users are required to post an old picture of themselves in their Instagram stories. Failing to do which, you will be drowned in “bad luck” for two years.
Now, we’ll leave it to you to be the judge authenticity of this trend, but most of them are getting tired of seeing some really awkward pictures of their friends and followers from years ago.
While it isn’t clear when the challenge in question gained momentum, it has reached a wide audience.
Yesterday, Twitch streamer Pokimane as well shared an old picture of herself as a part of this. But, the trend seems to have failed her miserably as she ended up having a wardrobe malfunction during a live stream when her shirt opened on camera exposing her bare chest.
“Old picture of you or bad luck for two yea-” ENOUGH!
Twitter is folded with reactions to the new Instagram challenge as many want people to stop sharing their old pictures expecting it to keep bad things from happening to them.
One tweet read: “This “old picture of you or bad luck for 2 years” trend on Instagram sucks good thing I have eternal protection from reblogging the Tumblr immunity dog in 2015”
“old picture or bad luck for 2 years” has plagued my Instagram stories,” said another.
A third tweet read: “I’ve seen that ‘old picture of you or 2 years bad luck’ thing so many times on Instagram stories I think I’ve built up like a good 60 years bad luck”
Another irritated user wrote: “Truly wtf is this “old picture of you or two years of bad luck” thing on Instagram and when is it gonna stop”
Maybe the latest Instagram trend hasn’t managed to convince all its users, but it sure has gathered some of the most hilarious reactions on Twitter as people are using memes and GIFs to react to it.
From comparing it to real-life situations to wanting to completely get rid of the challenge, these memes are just too funny!
me travelling back in time to delete the instagram account of the person who started “old picture of you or bad luck for 2 years”
That local pedestrian activities that’s happening on instagram again is like the same when were on lockdown “old picture or bad luck” plz the outside is free!
I can’t be left with locals and boomers on Instagram posting their old pictures bc they’re scared of getting bad luck.
“old picture of you or bad luck for 2 years”
post an old picture or 2 years bad luck

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